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Note that there are two types of loans: 

1. Donated Loan: You receive updates when the borrower makes repayments. When the funds are repaid, they come back to Good Return to support our programs. By making a donated loan, you are supporting the growth of Good Return's programs so we can reach even more people with responsible microfinance and skills development. You receive a tax deductible receipt immediately.

2. Standard Loan: You receive updates when the borrower makes repayments. When the loan is fully repaid, you receive the funds back in your account to re-lend, withdraw, or donate to Good Return. This loan gains an administration fee, which is 10% of your loan basket, minimum $5 to a maximum $25. Neither the loan nor the administration fee are tax deductible. Should you prefer the standard loan option, uncheck the box that indicates making the loan a donation.

Please note that this information does not apply if you are making a regular donation. For more information, visit the FAQs.


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By selecting the "Make this Loan a Donation" box you can choose to donate the repayments of your loan to Good Return.

What is the difference between a loan and a donation for a loan?

Donated loans work the same way as regular loans. You will receive the same feedback about the borrower's repayments and the impact of your loan. The donation is still a loan to the borrower.

The only difference is that when the loan is repaid, the repaid monies will be used to provide training to borrowers, field partners and for the expansion of the Good Return program- to increase the impact of the loans. So your donation funds more than a loan!

Your donated loan is a tax deductible gift and you will be issued with a tax deductible reciept.



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