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Annabelle Gaudiel
$450 Requested
$100 Still needed

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Using land next to her home, Annabelle plans to set up a piggery to earn some extra income. Her husband is a farmer but earns barely enough to support ...

Savon KOY
$700 Requested
$100 Still needed

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Savon and her husband grow paddy rice on their plot of land, but their income is too low to cover all daily household expense. To provide for two scho ...

Ma.Lelanie Fraba
Market Stall
$300 Requested
$300 Still needed

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It’s hard to make ends meet from Lelanie’s income as a vegetable wholesaler. She makes about $10 a day buying vegetables in bulk from local growers an ...

Losilini Takai
$350 Requested
$350 Still needed

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At 26 years old, Losilini is the main breadwinner in her family. Her husband's income is seasonal due to the nature of his work as a fruit picker. Alt ...

Anabelleza Semic
Local Produce
$300 Requested
$300 Still needed

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At 56, Annabelleza is sole provider for three children, selling fish to support them. Despite their hardship, she insists her children continue their ...

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Cambodia Loan Repayments
Most loans in Cambodia are repaid in a single final installment. In this case, you will receive only one repayment notification instead of monthly updates. This is because many of TPC's clients are farmers and are only able to repay their loan after they have sold their seasonal harvest.

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